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Spinneyfields History

The Spinneyfields brand was established in 1994 when FJ Need (foods) Limited moved to its current site in Worleston amongst the dairy land of Nantwich in Cheshire.  The word spinney is a copse, a small group of trees, which was spotted and admired on the property when first viewed. It seemed important to link the brand with its countryside setting as this would be the proud home of FJ Need for years to come.

The Spinneyfields brand holds the Grated, Block and Sliced Cheese products alongside the newly integrated Spinneyfields Sauce, Spinneyfields Mayonnaise, Mile End Farm Mayonnaise and Spinneyfields Salted Butter.  We only source high quality rich products to put through our production lines and we source these from suppliers that have grown with us over the years. The cheese we use is picked for its consistent high quality. All cheese going in to production is quality tested for taste, characteristics and performance; anything not meeting our high standard is rejected.
The cheese used in our Spinneyfields Pizza cheese is specially selected to ensure the mix performs well. It is now being used in numerous Pizza Shops throughout the UK.

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